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Milk River and St. Ann


(From left to right) Aunt Ruby, Unidentified Relation, Rachel (me), Basil, and Uncle Alvin.

Aunt Ruby's father was Henry Fong, the first of the Fong family to come to Jamaica. Henry Fong had five children: Uncle Vincent, Uncle Astley, Aunt Vi, Aunt Ruby, and Uncle Eric. 

Aunt Ruby grew up in Ewarton. She was also the first woman pilot in Jamaica. (Aunt Ruby is lots of fun!) 

BTW, I only remember the Chinese names of three people in my family, my own (Ngook Lan - Jade Orchid), my mother's (Bow Lan), and Aunt Ruby's (Gim Lan - Gilded Lily).

Basil is Patricia's eldest brother (and my comrade in mischief!). A significant portion of my music CD collection comes from Basil (rather literally). Uncle Alvin is "the man," but Basil is "the boss." Basil provided the Cable TV that is now to be had at Craigbank.

Incidentally, Basil's true name is "Franklin." We don't know where "Basil" came from.

We all went to Milk River to "take the waters," and to cure my back complaints.


Alligator or crocodile (we don't know which), seen at Milk River.

Someone appears to have brought him takeout.

(From left to right) Rachel (me), Uncle Alvin, Unidentified Relation, and Aunt Ruby at the Cafe Aubergine in Moneague, St. Ann.

On our way to descend upon Uncle Alvin's friend, Judy MacMillan, we had lunch at Cafe Aubergine, which is very lovely. We also had a splendid dinner on our way back.

Judy MacMillan is a fine artist. She paints in the Napa valley part of the year, or used to, which is very close to where I live in California. She has a beautiful house in the country, a plantation house that she has restored and that I mentioned seeing in a magazine, which prompted our descent.

Judy and Uncle Alvin produced a magnificent art book together: Albert Huie - The Father of Jamaican Painting.

My favorite painting of Judy's that I've seen is the one, which I am told is new, of the girl in a dress by the seashore. It hangs in her front parlor.