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Welcome to the Fong-Tom web!

Click on the links below to view photos of our clan and friends, tidbits of confusing information on how we're all related and our Jamaican history, and other odd commentary and news.


Portraits (1 picture)

At Home (7 pictures)

Trip to Hellshire Beach (3 pictures)

Trips to Milk River and St. Ann (3 pictures)


China_109.jpg (151180 bytes)

Rachel and Josh go to China!


If you'd like to see pictures of Craigbank and Hoi-Bin and all the changes over the recent years, you can also click on the links below.




You can also download a family tree (in list format)! BTW, Dan Marcus is as far back as the tree goes. This requires a password.

IMPORTANT: Your name cannot be accessed from these documents if you requested it not appear.

Dan Marcus Kleinhans (list format)

Note: You will need Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher to view these.

Click here to get Acrobat Reader ->


Last but not least, you can view the most current family tree information via an automated tree and surname list, with info on way-way distant relations. Most of this information is thanks to David Bromfield's website. This also requires a user name and password. 

IMPORTANT: Your name cannot be accessed from these documents if you requested it not appear. This tree has been automated by Family Tree Maker software and is hosted on their server at This tree has NOT been shared with the World Family Tree project and the information in the tree is NOT accessible from the World Family Tree project.

Automated Tree and Surname List


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Last Updated: September 2004